Seventh Generation Launches "Come Clean" Integrated Marketing Campaign Featuring Maya Rudolph

Mission-Led Household and Personal Care Products Company Focuses on Redefining Clean

BURLINGTON, VT--(Marketwired - Apr 11, 2016) - Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and a pioneer in the eco-friendly products space, today announced the launch of its largest integrated marketing campaign ever. Titled "Come Clean", and featuring Maya Rudolph -- mother of four, SNL alum, actress, comedienne and long-time Seventh Generation devotee -- this one of a kind campaign focuses on redefining what "clean" really means to consumers in order to help build healthy homes across the country.

Leveraging Maya's unique sense of humor and improv skills, Seventh Generation's Come Clean campaign highlights its portfolio of household and baby products, including Free & Clear Natural Laundry Detergent, Natural Dish Liquid and Free & Clear Diapers, to raise consumer awareness about what clean really means. The company is challenging consumers to think about what goes into the products they're using in their homes and around their families, igniting a movement to make product choices that are both safe and effective.

"Why have consumers been trained to believe that cleaning products need bright-colored dyes and overpowering fragrances to get things clean? Isn't the true color of clean colorless and isn't the smell of clean nothing? Shouldn't something called lavender actually be made with real lavender?" asked Joey Bergstein, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Seventh Generation. "With this campaign we are asking people to rethink 'clean' in a fun and light-hearted way. Maya's a mom of four and longtime user of Seventh Generation. We think her larger than life character made her the perfect choice for our Come Clean campaign, as we speak to a new generation of moms across the country and urge them to make the switch and try super effective products that are free of dyes and synthetic fragrances."

The multi-million dollar integrated campaign features a high-impact mix of network and cable television spots, as well as digital video, banner and print. This spring the company will also continue its commitment to changing ingredient disclosure policy at both a state and national legislative level. Seventh Generation has been a pioneer in the industry in ingredient transparency as one of the first home care companies to include its ingredients right on the package.

"At Seventh Generation, we've created a business founded in transparency, and strive to nurture healthy homes by creating effective products that are safe for homes, families and the planet," said Ashley Orgain, Manager of Mission Advocacy and Outreach at Seventh Generation. "This campaign challenges consumers to embrace change, question the norm and make healthy choices for their family and the environment."

The campaign includes a robust online presence and social media strategy along with targeted public relations efforts. As a whole, these marketing endeavors further Seventh Generation's commitment to transforming commerce and building a business based on transparency to its consumers that has the power to spark a movement and transform an entire industry.

The campaign was created with creative agency 72andSunny's New York office and the TV spots were directed by Emmy winning writer, Sundance award winning director and SNL alum Matt Piedmont. 

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